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  • JUVEE Smilewear™ is a natural looking lifestyle beauty product for your smiles.

  • JUVEE Smilewear™ is made of high-quality, FDA-approved resin that is safe and delicate.

  • How long JUVEE Smilewear™ lasts can vary based on individual usage and maintenance. As a lifestyle product, its durability is influenced by how well you take care of it. While the exact lifespan can vary, Juvee Smilewear™ is designed to withstand regular use. By following proper care instructions and taking proactive measures, you can maximize the longevity of your JUVEE Smilewear™.

  • No.

  • Almost everyone can use JUVEE Smilewear™. With our AI and 3D reconstruction technology, we meticulously capture the unique contours of your teeth, ensuring a comfortable and customized fit.

  • Clean your JUVEE Smilewear™ by rinsing off adhesive residue with running water, let it dry completely and store it in the JUVEE case we provided. Here are a few key points:

    • Avoid direct sunlight: It is important not to leave your JUVEE Smilewear™ exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods. It can cause warping or discoloration.

    • Refrain from placing your JUVEE Smilewear™ in hot or boiling water, as excessive heat can alter the shape and fit.

    • Good Lighting

    • Get really close

    • Show upper gum line

    • Proper angles

    • Watch our tutorial video

What is JUVEE Smilewear™

JUVEE Smilewear™ is a natural looking, custom made, lifestyle beauty product that can be ordered through our JUVEE App! Scanned and ordered directly from your iPhone!

Wear your smile and SAY JUVEE! What are you waiting for?


Before & After

Custom made to look natural and fit comfortably. Quick transformation of shape and color is just a beginning to all the possibilities!
Complete your look with JUVEE Smilewear™

JUVEE – the first ever Smilewear™ - is a lifestyle beauty product for smiles.
It is a detachable product that people can wear to showcase their smile and fashion whenever they want.
It is 100% custom-made for each individual. Its root is from dental veneer / dental laminate that dentists provide to their patients. JUVEE is purely for esthetic purpose only and not to be used for teeth functions such as eating food.

Technical Background

Customer scans his/her teeth using a mobile phone, not special devices such as an oral scan device used at the dentist office. While scanning one’s teeth using a mobile phone provides people with a quick, easy, and wider access to JUVEE, it requires substantial technical undertaking for this to work. Our team at e32 Technology had gone through an initial 12-month feasibility study of the concept of using a mobile phone for scanning one’s teeth. Any dental work for teeth requires high precision and precise fit. That’s why special devices like an oral scan are used at the dentist office. As of this writing (October 2023), iPhone 13 Pro and later iPhone Pro models including iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max include macro photography, which provides the required close-ups with sharp focus for scanning one's teeth.  JUVEE Smilewear™ App on iPhone 13 Pro and later iPhone Pro models utilizes the macro photography and provides the user with step-by-step 2D & 3D guides for taking Smile photo, Scale photo, and Scan teeth.  Scanning teeth needs to be taken in a very close distance following the 3D guide.  The team at e32 Technology will continue with our R&D to make JUVEE Smilewear™ mobile app be available on an expanded list of mobile phone models.

Once one’s teeth is scanned, JUVEE Smilewear™ mobile app uploads scanned data to our cloud system where a digital smile design takes places, and a 3D-model is created. For the digital smile design, an advanced CAD tool is used by expert technicians. For a 3D-model, it is created with advanced photogrammetry solutions with artificial intelligence (AI). We have continued to improve our 3D photogrammetry and AI solutions.  Initially it took about 30 minutes to create a 3D model for JUVEE and it now takes less than 5 minutes.

Once a 3D model for JUVEE is created, the corresponding digital smile design is applied, and we make your JUVEE using an advanced 3D printer. FDA approved special material is used for JUVEE Smilewear™ for best fit and comfort, which has the right balance between flexibility and sturdiness. Once JUVEE is made, it goes through a quality assurance process before shipping it to you.
JUVEE – the first ever Smilewear™ - is a lifestyle beauty product for smile. It helps you create smile that you want and it is easy to get using your mobile phone. We work hard with the latest technologies to make it easy for you.  Now you just imagine and create smile that you want with JUVEE Smilewear™.  When it comes to your smile and your teeth, we are committed to continuing our R&D efforts that make things easy for you.


How to scan your smile

How to put on your JUVEE

How to care for your JUVEE

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